Continued ponderings on this place, who, what, and why 

I'm not much for conversations on social sites. I don't mean I mind. It's just how I am.
My mother told a teacher of mine once: "Well, if my daughter is quiet it means she has nothing to say."
another rule I try to live by: If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.
This was a hard one to stick to on Twitter and that's why my experience over there was a blend of disbelief and despair. With a few exceptions; the reason I stayed in the end.
But today when scrolling, I found myself smiling. I don't interact much clearly, but I read and consider, I might favorite and follow. But mostly I just enjoy the easy going, take your time, friendly sense I find here.

I suppose I could write a bio that's a bit more informative. maybe I'll even dig up some picture for those who care about those things. But seriously, does it really matter? :)
For me it really doesn't. So I make no promises.
So what am I doing here and what will I post?
I suppose stuff like this. Probably some song or fiction I'm working on. Other things that may be useful as a user on Mac and PC. I would be happy to help with the Reaper @Osara stuff. Just ask and iwill do my best to answer or find out.
I am a and in a band and elsewhere.
I write dabble in ++ write and produce music and love working with in whatever weird and creative way I can think of.
So with a few hashtags and that disclaimer out of the way I will keep reading and enjoying this space. I will take my time. And thanks everyone for being so damn civil and polite. it's quite awesome to see.