Ponderings on Facebook and what now 

Um. For the most part I try to forget about that other site. You know, the one where my friends and family from a somewhat previous life can find me.
Because of course, none of them were interested in Twitter or any other platform for communication that was easier for me to use. Nope, facebook was the only choice.
But so be it. It's bothered me at times but now... well, since I already feel quite home here and Twitter is a place where I have a couple of friends I don't want to lose touch with so I'll just leave it idling, Facebook seems like the kind of luggage that you feel you should keep lugging around because it feels like too much of a bother to shut it down. And again, that's where they can always find me.
But damn it, do they ever? I do have a phone. And email. And a mailbox come to that.
Twitter is easy. I won't miss it once I don't have anyone leftthere that I care about. shouldn't take long I'm guessing.
Facebook is just more complicated. There's a group I kind of run. A band page I sort of check maybe sometimes... Hmm.
Really Would they notice? ?
It is a piece of luggage I really don't need. But I'm not quite there yet.
Not quite.

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