Isn't it strange that when it comes down to making a summary of the what and who that is me, the plastic beneath the fingers have rarely felt so distant. To make a summary of a person with attached history, attitudes, biases, education, fears and loves, me in this particular case, feels non-sensikal, pointless, quite impossible, and altogether subjective.
As I sit here trying to compile a description that would make sense, nothing comes to mind but eaningless descriptors that either place me in a box I will later find it hard to break out of, or wholly self-serving ones with even less meaning as they contain more wishful thinking and attention craving than I am comfortable with.
So many profiles, so many bios, so many ways to categorize me as a user/client/customer/ creator/ leader/ follower.
Nah, I don't think I'll bother. And maybe this nonsense introduction actually does it for me anyways.
That's for you to decide, isn't it? And that's fine with me.

And in the end, I'm left with what's already in my bio.

Who me?

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