Behind every great woman there’s a man calling her unlikable.

I am so delighted by the lack of algorithms telling me what I want to read. As the poor frog in the slowly warming water doesn't know what's happening, I never quite understood how two dimensional that world of social networks had become. Here, there's much I'm not really interested in, much I can't relate to, plenty that goes over my head, and so so much that just make me smile. I have been mostly quiet so far, but damn, I'm enjoying it more and more. All of you. I really don't care at all about followers. I simply enjoy the reminder that we are all people, we are all different, we are all interesting in some way, and I very much enjoy being reminded.

"Sunk cost fallacy" is when a person can justify continued action in a failure scenario because they've invested so much time, energy, money, or whatever into it.

I've seen this in jobs, abuse situations, and everyday life.

If it's not working, if it's clearly not going to work, abandon it. Walk away. Don't put more into it.

You're worth more than continued efforts in suboptimal situations.

As you share your posts and host your events for the International Day of People with Disabilities, don't let them simply be a one-day signal of acknowledging disabled people, a box you've checked off.

The more than one billion disabled people who exist in this world are worthy of access and full inclusion today.

And tomorrow.
And next week.
And all month.
And next year.

#InternationalDayOfPersonsWithDisabilities #IDPD #IDPWD #Disability #DisabilityRights

@jcsteh Hey man. Got a bit of a problem with Firefox 107.0.1 Win 10, nVDA. So it seems Youtube pages quickly kill win core voice and resorts to system voice. Tried disabling addons but no change. Scott could not reproduce and thought you might want to hear this. My trouble shooting skills leaves a lot to be desired. This started a couple of weeks ago for no reason I can think of. That of course doesn't mean I haven't manage to break something, but I can't imagine what. It's just really weird. Any thoughts? :)

Be careful of the words you say
Make sure they're soft and sweet
You never know from day to day
Which ones you'll have to eat

I am always taken aback when someone dismisses fantasy as "escapism". What's wrong with escapism? What's wrong with longing for different worlds than this? Have you seen this world? Its brokenness and sharp thorns?

Did you not grow up desperately looking for your door elsewhere? Did you not immerse in beautiful worlds as sustenance, for moments of joy like wings?

For a time in my life I stretched out. Grimdark, New Weird, etc. But no more. Give me hopepunk and found family. Give me escape.

it is amazing how getting stuff done gets so much easier when muting teesecake for the duration. Even if those tiny dings and beeps are friendly enough and don't appear to really distract me, now that I tried working without them, the difference is huge. be gone. At least on this machine.

One of the things I keep hearing here, over and over, is that "new" people on this platform shouldn't complain about things they find confusing or that don't meet their needs.

That's exactly wrong. New users, who've not yet adapted themselves to possibly unworkable or inscrutable interfaces and limitations, are often in a unique position to have insights that old hands can no longer see.

Perhaps you're tired of hearing the same complaints over and over. But think about why people make them.

Ponderings on distant friends and responsabilities- continued 

But why then, when someone I have come to know and quite quickly come to think of as a close and very important friend, isn't doing so well. A bit of health, a bit of life, a bit of work troubles.
Why, if I still have that reservation about online friendships, Why do I feel so utterly helpless and frustrated when I can't help?
Why, if according to my brain, it's not real because it's online, does it hurt so bad to not be able to be there, to offer suport somehow, someway?
The only answer I can find is that my brain has been wrong all this time.
Because this friend is someone I want to be there for, Through dark days and horrible days
This friendship is very real.
But then, that leaves me feeling helpless.
*I know, I can only do so much. But it's so fucking frustrating man.
So it's not that online friends are not real. They very much are.
But real is also the sense of not being enough, not being there when chips are down, not being able to help, to support, to listen, to take some of the difficult things off weary shoulders.
*I know man, it's not my responsability.

:) But it is. Friends give and take. They are vulnurable and indestructable. To give something so important as trust away and taking comfort and caring creates a responsability that is hard to define. It is a responsability to see it through.
and in the end that is all I realistically can do. And that, I will.
*Distant or not, fucked up or not, weak and selfish or not, I am there for you man.
Just as you have been and will be for me.
I'm right here.

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Ponderings on distant friends and responsability 

Once upon a time I thought that there was no way in hell that people you know only online could ever be real friends. I thought for some time that it was a ludicrous idea.
I also thought Twitter was the dumbest thing in the history of communication.
Facebook? Yeah, bloody demented, childish, stupid, unnecessary, foolish crap.
With all that I'm probably clearly revealing my age, which is not much of a secret, but still. None of anone's business. Heh, funny how I can hold both of those things as truth and still feel okay about myself, isn't it?
With time and a persistent society circling me like excited vultures, I have slowly but steadily relented to that world.
Global peerpressure anyone? :D
And it's turned out to be quite useful at times. I stull suck at posting, updating, replying, and really get involved with the online information assault. But it's okay, I suppoose.
The interesting thing is that I still maintained that distance and attitude of real friends can't truly be a thing if they never meet up in real life at least at some point. I'm not sure what difference that actually makes. Maybe that it would ground it somehow?
I'm realy not sure. And the more I ponder this, the more I suspect that I might still feel that way. A little bit.
And it makes me a bit sad on some level.

But why then... tbc

Ponderings on Facebook and what now 

Um. For the most part I try to forget about that other site. You know, the one where my friends and family from a somewhat previous life can find me.
Because of course, none of them were interested in Twitter or any other platform for communication that was easier for me to use. Nope, facebook was the only choice.
But so be it. It's bothered me at times but now... well, since I already feel quite home here and Twitter is a place where I have a couple of friends I don't want to lose touch with so I'll just leave it idling, Facebook seems like the kind of luggage that you feel you should keep lugging around because it feels like too much of a bother to shut it down. And again, that's where they can always find me.
But damn it, do they ever? I do have a phone. And email. And a mailbox come to that.
Twitter is easy. I won't miss it once I don't have anyone leftthere that I care about. shouldn't take long I'm guessing.
Facebook is just more complicated. There's a group I kind of run. A band page I sort of check maybe sometimes... Hmm.
Really Would they notice? ?
It is a piece of luggage I really don't need. But I'm not quite there yet.
Not quite.

Continued ponderings on this place, who, what, and why 

I'm not much for conversations on social sites. I don't mean I mind. It's just how I am.
My mother told a teacher of mine once: "Well, if my daughter is quiet it means she has nothing to say."
another rule I try to live by: If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.
This was a hard one to stick to on Twitter and that's why my experience over there was a blend of disbelief and despair. With a few exceptions; the reason I stayed in the end.
But today when scrolling, I found myself smiling. I don't interact much clearly, but I read and consider, I might favorite and follow. But mostly I just enjoy the easy going, take your time, friendly sense I find here.

I suppose I could write a bio that's a bit more informative. maybe I'll even dig up some picture for those who care about those things. But seriously, does it really matter? :)
For me it really doesn't. So I make no promises.
So what am I doing here and what will I post?
I suppose stuff like this. Probably some song or fiction I'm working on. Other things that may be useful as a user on Mac and PC. I would be happy to help with the Reaper @Osara stuff. Just ask and iwill do my best to answer or find out.
I am a and in a band and elsewhere.
I write dabble in ++ write and produce music and love working with in whatever weird and creative way I can think of.
So with a few hashtags and that disclaimer out of the way I will keep reading and enjoying this space. I will take my time. And thanks everyone for being so damn civil and polite. it's quite awesome to see.

Ponderings on coffee 

Some cups of coffee are better than others. That is just the truth of it. Same water source, the same kind of beans ground the same way, the same coffee maker, the same favorite old cup. And yet some are simply amazeballs while others are simply meh. I wonder about this. Perhaps as someone who finally decided to drastically cut down on coffee recently, maybe coffee is on my mind more. Another thing I wonder about is why it took me so long. I had to start having headaches when waking up for me to make up my mind. In the spirit of transparency, decaf is my friend. But all in all, it's been so much easier than I thought it would be. And no more headaches, no more weird jittery anxiety, a bit more calm. No, I'll never quit coffee but I'm down to a reasonable consumption level, quite low in fact. And I'm glad for it. And maybe it's simply that less of it makes me appreciate those fantastic cups of coffee. and nowadays, most of them seem to be that sort. So go me. did it.

Isn't it strange that when it comes down to making a summary of the what and who that is me, the plastic beneath the fingers have rarely felt so distant. To make a summary of a person with attached history, attitudes, biases, education, fears and loves, me in this particular case, feels non-sensikal, pointless, quite impossible, and altogether subjective.
As I sit here trying to compile a description that would make sense, nothing comes to mind but eaningless descriptors that either place me in a box I will later find it hard to break out of, or wholly self-serving ones with even less meaning as they contain more wishful thinking and attention craving than I am comfortable with.
So many profiles, so many bios, so many ways to categorize me as a user/client/customer/ creator/ leader/ follower.
Nah, I don't think I'll bother. And maybe this nonsense introduction actually does it for me anyways.
That's for you to decide, isn't it? And that's fine with me.

And in the end, I'm left with what's already in my bio.

Who me?

and here we go. Another profile to make presentable and somewhat sensible. :)
Um, scratch that. Let's be happy it exists and it's reachable. The rest will come with time. And hey, all is good.