I want to sync a #Swift set and two dictionaries between phones through #iCloud and avoid #CoreData like the plague. Any idiot-proof tutorials y’all would recommend?

Tell me about the things that annoy you when writing code on Windows. Anything goes. Dependencies, performance, documentation, tooling, coding, building, searching, whatever. In an IDE, in a terminal, in a notebook, whatever.

What tasks do you find fiddly or annoying?

If a blind person, or any person with accessibility needs, tells you what they need, listen to them. It is absolutely rude in the worst way to either push things on them that they don't want, or restrict them from things they do need. Denying someone accessibility, or forcing measures on them, is so, so rude. If you haven't experienced the situation the person is in that makes them require accessibility, you have no idea what they're going through. Listen to disabled people. Listen to their needs. Give them what *They* request, not whatever you think is best.

Good grief!

The number of folk posting/boosting media with no #captions is through the roof on my TL atm.

Will. You. Please. Show. Some. Concern. For. Our. Sight-impaired. Screen-reading. Companions!😡

Your posts won't get boosted as much if you don't include captions. Need a reminder? Follow @PleaseCaption.

When you load your media, scroll down to the bottom - that's where the caption-input box is.

Captions that don't make an attempt to describe content don't get boosted either. You're not on twitter now. The culture of Mastodon is to include descriptive captions. Time to adapt.

Showing concern for the inclusion of others is good for your soul.

Making adaptations to include otherwise excluded folk is good for the community as a whole.


I would love an open image format that has alt text baked into the file format and can be read by other apps.

I'd love to see writing alt text done closer to the source, with an ability to customize the existing description for more specific descriptions by other people using the image.


Do I want to go out and get lunch and risk running into another pole like I did yesterday? Well... Tariaki chicken... Ah well. It may be worth a few more brain cells being lost and my nap dream of becoming a developer becoming that much dimmer, lol.

I guess what I'm also saying is, don't go out of your way to befriend marginalized people if you're not willing to swing a bat for them when it counts and to take some blows for their sake. If you cave to the dominant social pressure just when it counts the most, you'll just leave your friends with a sense of betrayal and a bad taste in their mouths. If you don't have the courage to kick white supremacy in the shins, knowing you could get stomped for it, it's better to stick with your white friends rather than be a user and consumer of racialized people. They're not your accessories, you know? They are people who are under constant assault, and they deserve your defense and your dedication.

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The VoiceOver Pronunciation Dictionary in iOS can be used to increase the truth quotient in the App Store. For example, I have changed the phrase “bug fixes and performance improvements” to, “I can’t be bothered telling you what we fixed”.

A leak from the European Data Protection Board reveals that the #EU's top #privacy regulator is about to overrule the Irish Data Protection Commission and declare #Facebook's business model illegal, banning surveillance-based #ads without explicit consent:



People who are in #webrings: how many webrings are you in?

If you’re in some less-known webrings that you think deserve more publicity, share a page from your site with the webring links!

(I’m not adding a “show results” option this time. you’ll have to bookmark it for later if your Fedi server doesn’t notify you when polls close).

Boosts welcome. #poll

The #Accessibility for the #Blind advent calendar: Day 6 - France with potential global impact - expand the content warning to open the window and discover the interesting fact for the day. 

The 6th of December is traditionally the day when Santa comes and brings small gifts to children in Poland and several other countries (not to be confused with the 24th of December which is also when gifts, bigger ones, are distributed). Obviously somebody's got to pay for all these nice things so how to do it in an accessible way?
I thought of including Handsome, a French fintech dedicated to serving customers with visual impairments, as a part of this calendar, as it offers an accessible voice payment card; a dedicated concierge service, insurance in case of damage to assistive devices or stranding with no immediate mobility options. They can be found at:
Imagine my shock this morning when I discovered that through cooperation with the Tales Group, Handsome's voice card has become global so it's a matter of time before banks start introducing it.
The card is equipped with a Bluetooth LE chip, connects to the customer's smartphone either through their banking app or a specially designed one; then, once its inserted into the terminal, it delivers all of the status messages to the app E.G. the amount to be paid or the current state of the payment process. This way it is possible to avoid being scammed on the amount and we can make sure all is well with our transaction.
I'm curious if any banks are going to introduce this any time soon.
#Accessibility #Blind #France #Banking #AdventCalendar

For those using Braille Screen Input on the iPhone, did you know that there are navigation gestures now? You can move around the text by character, word, or line. Here is how it is done.
1, In Braille Screen Input, hold one finger down on any dot. You must keep that finger down during the whole process.
2, It will make a couple of beeps, then say, Exploring mode. This is the mode it has to be in, in order to move the cursor around. If you left your finger off the dot, it will leave exploring mode, so again, keep it held down.
3, Here is the 3 gestures needed. They all use 2 fingers.
2 finger flick up and down moves between navigation types; character, word, or line.
2 finger swipe to the left, moves cursor forward or right by character, word, or line.
2 finger swipe to the right, moves cursor backwards or left by character, word, or line.
This is been demonstrated on several podcast, here is a link to one of those demonstrations. #iPhone #BrailleScreenInput #navigatingText #PodcastLink overcast.fm/+mZq2BorXc/42:30

I feel a bit down those days and don't feel like posting much

In the meantime, here are pics of my little buddy Miel, helping me in Minecraft 🥺

So I'm sure everyone already knows about this. But "git show" is really nice. TalkBack on Github was updated recently, so I wanted to see what new stuff was added. Well the only way I know to do this is Emacs with MaGit. Just open the repo in Dired, C-x G, pull, and then you can just go to the head and look at the commits and the changed files, expand the file and see what's new and such. Well now Emacspeak is broken on my ChromeBook and don't have the patience to fix it. So I looked up how to jus look at a commit and boom, there's git show. It's not as fancy as MaGit but it sure gets the job done.

I'm streaming the new God of War Ragnarok game on my twitch channel. This might be interesting to you if you want to see a blind person play a modern video game, or if you want to point and laugh at my failure! twitch.tv/object_inspace

I'm super pleased with the accessibility of the disney plus app. It works great for a screen reader and is super easy to navigate. I'm currently watching Noelle. Way to go disney.

Someone has taken my FediFollows logo and combined it with the FediTips name to create a reddit group that is posting transphobic material.

This is nothing to do with me. I don't use reddit and never have done.

I'm part of the LGBTQIA+ community and totally condemn transphobia.

(Not going to link to the group obviously.)

If anybody in #Helsinki #Suomi is making or needing tactile graphics I would be happy to help as I can! I am sighted, working on a #CAD app, and have #Cricut at home. I know #Oodi library maker space has quality tools with potential for that.

cc @ChanceyFleet is #TactileGraphics a good organizing hashtag?

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